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Who We Are

We listen and learn about the commercial challenges our clients face and goals they wish to achieve

When a potential client approaches us they know their own business, how it operates and the direction they want it to go. We listen and learn about the commercial challenges they face and goals they wish to achieve. With experience and expertise in ‘brand’, ‘web’, and ‘campaigns’ we are in a position to deliver services in any one of these areas and still ensure it fits neatly with the rest of our client’s marketing effort.

Our role is to help clients generate more revenue, and we use positively challenging ideas, both strategic and tactical, together with raw energy, to do it. We are committed to fulfilling briefs in accordance with client-instructions. During the course of any project, we offer guidance and express constructive opinions, to find workable and effective solutions. Once matters are underway, we are dedicated to ensuring that every detail is in place, and that our clients are totally satisfied with the end result.

Our industry expertise is in the understanding of how to deliver quality brands and websites.

We successfully work for hundreds of clients across a range of categories.

This experience has advanced our appreciation of practical business and marketing issues to the point that we can quickly identify the questions to ask that enable us to get behind a company, its target audience, and its ability to generate brand awareness and sales.

Our mix of clients keeps us excited, fresh, and at the top of our game. We bring experience, ideas, and knowledge from different industries and apply it to all our clients. Here are some of the recent sectors we’ve worked in:

Business to Business (B2B)

  1. Financial|Insurance|City
  2. IT and Software
  3. Professional Services
  4. Consultancy Firms
  5. Recruitment
  6. Public Sector
  7. Research
  8. Telecoms
  9. Agriculture
  10. Manufacturing
  11. Publishing | Exhibition
  12. Education
  13. Engineering
  14. PR
  15. Medical
  16. Construction
  17. Training
Business to Consumer (B2C)

  1. Entertainment | Sport
  2. Alcoholic Beverages
  3. Soft Drinks
  4. Health
  5. Travel
  6. Furniture
  7. Charity

Our core skills are brand, web and marketing strategy, brand design, brand execution, web design, web development, search engine marketing, and campaigns, although in practice this capability can be applied to a range of project types, examples of which are shown below.

  1. Website Hosting
  2. Website Design
  3. Website Strategy
  4. Website Audits
  5. Website Improvement
  6. Website Build
  7. Website Extranets
  8. Website Intranets
  9. Website Management
  10. Software Design & Development
  11. Content Management systems

We have a manifesto which outlines our commitment to deliver quality.

HJ prides itself and its reputation on the delivery of top quality projects. Our overall objective is to ensure that HJ consistently delivers a high level of service. We believe long-term relationships require on-going commitment to achieving business excellence and we apply appropriate quality management processes to achieve this.

  1. Understand the requirements and expectations of our clients
  2. Implement projects in a systematic and planned way
  3. Work closely with our clients and partners to achieve quality objectives
  4. Educate and train our staff to support the delivery of high quality work
  5. Establish and measure performance and customer satisfaction
  6. Continually review and improve our processes and levels of service
  7. Maintain the involvement of senior management in every project

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